By Joel Zanatta

I’ve always loved Cycling BC and what they do. Honestly, riding a bike in BC is made better by the work of this organization. As the governing body for the sport of cycling in this province, the team at Cycling BC works relentlessly in the pursuit of high performance development.

Beyond that, it also helps foster a love of riding at all levels.

The team supports cycling clubs, trade teams and related businesses. It offers the National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP) for those looking to expand their skills and coach. They hold races, rides and events across the province, and High Performance and Development programs to encourage excellence in sport and help BC targeted athletes develop to their full potential. Members are also able to access exclusive and preferential rates on products and services offered by Cycling BC’s amazing community of partners.


But one of my favourite aspects of Cycling BC is its i-Ride program. If you’re not familiar with i-Ride, it’s an amazing initiative that brings biking to school gym classes, after-school programs or camps, designed to teach kids basic cycling skills and safety awareness. i-Ride reaches thousands of kids every year, and helps expose kids of all abilities to the joy of riding.

Earlier this year, The Cycling Lawyer became an official partner of Cycling BC, and in doing so, we learned there are even more benefits to becoming a member than we even knew.

Cycling BC also offers individual accident and liability insurance as well as optional bike insurance for members.

And as a network of lawyers regularly consulted in regards to accident claims involving personal injury and property loss, I can assure you the insurance offered by Cycling BC is of exceptional value. And I’m honoured to be able to support them and share my legal knowledge with fellow members.

If you are a cyclist in BC, I strongly urge you to join Cycling BC. By doing so not only do you help build and support the growing cycling community in this province, you also protect yourself as a cyclist, and can enjoy some great benefits to boot!

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