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I have been in an accident, what should I do?

1. Get off of the roadway.

If you are conscious and able to move it is important to avoid a secondary accident.

2. Take a moment to assess the situation

Though you may feel alright adrenaline may be coursing through you. If you are in a safe spot, check yourself over for injury. Do not get back on your bike.

3. Call For Assistance

No matter what the circumstances a bicycle crash is an emotional event. You may not know the extent of your injuries and it is best not to get back on your bike and ride. If possible, have someone pick you up.

If your crash involves a motorist, call the police. You may need an accident report. They will ask you if you are injured and if you need medical attention.

4. Collect the Crash Scene Information

  • photograph the scene
  • collect contact information of witnesses or bystanders
  • obtain the motorists drivers licence number, contact information, licence plate number and insurance information.

5. Get Medical Attention

Get assessed by a qualified physician as soon as you possibly can.

6. Get your bicycle assessed by a qualified mechanic

Bicycle damage can be difficult to spot. You do not want to return to riding on an unsafe bicycle.

7. Consult with a lawyer

If your accident involves another road user it is important to consult with a lawyer experienced in bike-car accidents. Bicycle accidents are often more complex than traditional car accidents. Poor advice can lead to the cyclist bearing unnecessary responsibility.

How should I insure my bicycle?

Cyclists love their bikes. Unfortunately, bikes are easy to damage and even easier to steel.

Insuring a bike takes thought. Basic home and rental insurance often provides limited coverage for bikes. In most instances traditional insurance products specifically cap bicycle claims at around $200 or less.

When purchasing home or rental insurance you will have to discuss your bicycle’s value with the broker. Most insurance companies are willing to provide add on insurance for a bicycle for an additional charge.

Many cycling groups also provide insurance to their members. Ask your local club whether their members are insured.

Many provincial cycling associations provide insurance to their membership. For instance in British Columbia, Cycling BC provides valuable bicycle insurance to all of their members.

My bicycle was damaged by a negligent driver but I was uninjured what should I do?

A damaged bike can be expensive, frustrating and unsafe to ride.

If your bike was damaged by a motorist you will need to do the following;

  • collect the motorist’s name, licence plate number and insurance information
  • photograph the crash scene and collect names of witnesses or bystanders
  • contact the police
  • report the damage to the motorists insurer

If you are unsuccessful in pursuing compensation for your loss you may need legal advice.

What is my cycling injury claim worth?

Cyclists injured by motorists are entitled to compensation for their injuries. Many factors go into valuing a cycling injury claim.

Before a claim can be valued the lawyer must prove that the motorist is wholly or partially at fault for the accident.

Once liability has established damages can be assessed. Every claim is different. The value of a claim is based on pain and suffering along with the financial impact of the Accident.

Our cycling lawyers are committed to educating our clients with respect to claim valuation. We take the time to involve you into the important decisions around claim management and settlement. Our initial consultations are free and will provide you with insight into the value of your claim.

What is The Cycling Lawyer?

The Cycling Lawyer is an access point for cyclists in need of legal advice. Our founder, Joel Zanatta, has 20 years of legal experience. He is a committed cyclist who believes that cyclists must be armed with top quality legal representation.

Joel and his team are building a network of the experienced effective lawyers across Canada. We want cyclists to be safe on the road, but protected in the event of an accident.

Anywhere in Canada call us and we will help you arrange quality legal counsel.