Cyclists Representing Cyclists

The Cycling Lawyer is a network of lawyers with experience and expertise representing cyclists. As cyclists ourselves we have a keen understanding of the interplay between cycling and the law.

If you cycle, we are on your team. From insurance advice to personal injury litigation we are the legal resource for cyclists.

Joel Zanatta

Joel is the founder of The Cycling Lawyer. He is an avid cyclist with 20 years of personal injury experience.

It is high time that cyclists stand up and demand recognition and respect on the roads.


Joel Zanatta is a committed cycling enthusiast and experienced bike lawyer. Joel is the founder of The Cycling Lawyer.  He is also a partner of The Biking Lawyer LLP in Toronto.

Joel’s passion for cycling started at a young age. Since his youth he has been riding on and off road, enjoying the diverse variety of terrain that British Columbia has to offer.

Joel is committed to the wellbeing of cyclists. He founded The Cycling Lawyer in the hope of improving cycling safety and cycling accident advocacy.