Bicycle Safety Initiatives

We are totally committed to improving the safety of cyclists in Canada. Our lawyers are working with a variety of organizations to advocate for separated bike lanes, driver training and cycling safety training. A portion of all profits from The Cycling Lawyer goes to safe cycling initiatives.

Accident Prevention is Key

We love to ride as much as you do. As cyclists and lawyers, we’ve learned a lot about cycling safety over the years. The following is a summary of the things you can do to make sure you are safe and legally protected when you’re out on your bike.

Pre Ride Bicycle Inspection

Before you hop on your bike give it a once over using the A, B, C technique:

Air: Check your tire air pressure.

Brakes: Make sure your brakes are functioning properly.

Chain and cranks: Make sure your chain is clean, oiled and your gears are shifting well.


Very few bicycle/car crashes are the fault of the cyclist. Almost all bicycle/car crashes are the result of a motorist failing to SEE the cyclist.

Make sure you are seen by asking yourself these questions:

  • Is my bicycle equipped with flashing lights (day and night)?
  • Does my clothing contrast with the environment that I am riding in?
  • Am I equipped with reflective gear?

Equipment and Tools

There is nothing worse than a mid-ride mechanical failure. We recommend every cyclist ride with this basic equipment:

  • spare tube
  • tire patch kit
  • basic tools including Allen key and tire levers
  • pump or compressed air
  • identification
  • cell phone

Cycling Tips

Those of us riding the roads must take every available step to reduce the likelihood of a crash. The following are our tips and advice for riding safely in traffic.

  • Make eye contact with motorists. Never assume that you will be seen. Motorists are not well trained to drive with bicycles and often fail to notice cyclists even if they are occupying a designated lane. Make every effort to be seen early and often.
  • Follow the rules of the road – though it may be tempting to lane split, ride on sidewalks and run the odd light, we recommend that you avoid breaking the rules in these ways.
  • Use designated cycling routes as much as possible – these routes are usually wider and equipped with much better signage to remind motorists of our presence.
  • Use hand signals – just as hand signals are essential when riding in a group, they are essential when riding in traffic.
  • Communication with other road users will vastly reduce accidents.
  • Always wear a helmet – recent studies have shown that cyclists equipped with a helmet have an over 50% reduction in head injuries.

Accident Checklist

At the scene of an accident many people have difficulty remaining calm and taking appropriate steps. We recommend that every rider carry an accident checklist in case they are in an accident or witness an accident. You can download our post accident checklist or email us if you would like to receive a printed copy.

The team at The Cycling Lawyer wants to do whatever we can to build a safe, fun bicycling community. The above steps are an easy way to ride with peace of mind. If you have any questions about cycling, safety or the law, feel free to contact us anytime. We are cyclists representing cyclists.

If you love to ride you are part of the cycling community. Cyclists see every hill as a challenge and every commute as an excuse to ride.

When riding, help protect the cycling community by vigilantly looking out for one another. Remember to ride with courtesy, say ‘hi’ whenever possible.

We are all connected, so if you see a cyclist in an accident or having mechanical issues stop and lend a hand.

Helping to Grow the Biking Community

At The Cycling Lawyer, we are committed to the growth of cycling as a means of transportation and as a sport. A portion of all revenue generated by The Cycling Lawyer is directed towards biking initiatives aimed at the growth of cycling in Canada.

Why the Cycling Lawyer

At The Cycling Lawyer, we are committed to the wellbeing of cyclists and the growth of cycling in Canada. As cyclists ourselves, we know that cycling carries with it certain inherent risks. It is our goal to help cyclists mitigate those risks. If you cycle, we are on your team. From insurance advice to bicycle damage claims to personal injury litigation, we can and will assist.