Contacting The Cycling Lawyer after a bike crash was a great decision. They know how to fight for cyclists.

Jakub is an all around athlete. In addition to competitive cycling he has many years of experience competing in Judo and Jiu Jitsu. It is fair to say that Jakub isn’t afraid of anyone.

After a fight with the insurance company following a bicycle crash Jakub realized that he needed The Cycling Lawyer in his corner. Together we proved that a motorist was responsible for Jakub’s crash and he was compensated for his bike and injuries.

The Cycling Lawyer allowed me to focus on my life instead of my legal case.

Tim is a Human Resources expert with a busy life. He contacted The Cycling Lawyer after a bike crash with questions about his legal rights. Our team put Tim’s mind at ease. While Tim focussed on his career we put together a claim and successfully negotiated a resolution on Tim’s behalf.

The Cycling Lawyer knows exactly what to do and has an awesome team that gets great results.
The team at The Cycling Lawyer delivered on all of their promises. Everything that they told me came true.
Blake|Bicycle Shop Manager
The Cycling Lawyer is tremendous legal resource for our cycling clientele.