Accident Prevention is Key

At the Cycling Lawyer we understand that some accidents are unavoidable. Nonetheless, we dream of a day when motorists and cyclists share the roads in a safe and predictable manner. Unfortunately our roads are not at that utopian stage yet. Because of this, those of us riding the roads must take every available step to reduce the likelihood of an accident. The following are our tips and advice for riding safely in traffic.

Cycling safety tips

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  • Be conspicuous. As a cyclist the number one way to avoid an accident is to be seen. Lights, reflective clothing and eye contact with motorists are an absolute must. Never assume that you will be seen. Motorists are not well trained to drive with bicycles and often fail to notice cyclists even if they are occupying a designated lane. Make every effort to be seen early and often.
  • Follow the rules of the road – though it may be tempting to lane split, ride on sidewalks and run the odd light, we highly recommend that you avoid breaking the rules in these ways.
  • Use designated cycling routes as much as possible – these routes are usually wider and equipped with much better signage to remind motorists of our presence.
  • Use hand signals – just as hand signals are essential when riding in a group, they are essential when riding in traffic. Communication with other road users will vastly reduce accidents.
  • Always wear a helmet – recent studies have shown that cyclists equipped with a helmet have an over 50% reduction in head injuries.

Why the Cycling Lawyer

At The Cycling Lawyer we know that safe riding is one of the keys to accident prevention. Though some bicycle crashes are unavoidable taking basic steps can substantially reduce the likelihood of a bicycle accident. Our team never stops researching and identifying any and all preventative measures to protect cyclists before an accident strikes.